Hollow metal frames can be supplied to the job site as “KD” frames or as welded frames. So, what’s the difference? “KD” stands for knock-down, meaning the hollow metal frames are sent in separate pieces and must be assembled on site when they are installed. Welded hollow metal frames can be shipped direct from the factory as welded units, or they can be delivered to Beacon’s hollow metal shop as separate pieces where they can be welded together by our skilled shop technicians.

Prep for Weld

Knock-Down Hollow Metal Frames

KD hollow metal frames have small slits and metal tabs on the connecting ends of the jambs and head of the frame. The metal tabs are inserted into the appropriate slits and bent using a hammer or mallet to hold the pieces together. KD hollow metal frames are usually best suited for low frequency traffic areas. They frames are often supplied as a slip frame where the drywall has already been installed on the wall.

KD Corner Detail Highlight

Welded Hollow Metal Frames

Beacon Commercial Door & Lock utilizes a welding method known as “face welding” for hollow metal frames. This is the most common method used for welded hollow metal frames as it provides a strong and better looking frame. The joints are welded together at the faces using a continuous bead along the full face of the frame. The weld is done on both faces of the frame where the joints meet. The welds are then ground smoothed, cleaned, and dressed for a completed hollow metal frame. The welded hollow metal frames are slid into the opening and installed as one complete unit. Welded hollow metal frames are ideal for openings that are subject to medium and high frequency usage.

KD Corner Detail Highlight

Temporary shipping bars are tack welded to the bottom of the hollow metal frames to protect them from damage during transit. These shipping bars are to be removed before before installation of the frames. Shipping bars should not be used in place of spreader bars during installation.

Welding HM Frame

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