So you want to know what an automatic door opener is? Or maybe you are having trouble with one and need to know where to start troubleshooting?

Automatic Door Opener

In this blog post we’ll cover some of the basics about what an automatic door opener is and it’s applications.

If you are in need of help in troubleshooting an automatic door opener, you can start with a call to Beacon Commercial Door & Lock or a call to the manufacturer’s tech support line. Because there are so many manufacturers of these automatic door operators, it can be hard to give the same advice for all of them. So, we recommend contacting someone over the phone or in person to help walk through issues you might have.

Terminology is the first thing to get straight when it comes to automatic door openers. Most people think about what happens when the door opens and no one thinks twice about the door once it closes. An automatic door opener is technically called an automatic door operator. An auto operator for commercial doors will be actuated with some action such as pushing a button, using a touch-less sensor, or some other method of actuation to tell the operator it needs to open the door.


Once activated, the automatic door operator will send signals to other hardware on the opening to allow the door to open properly. The operator will run through it’s programmed cycle that can be adjusted as needed for the opening’s application. Many auto operators allow for a longer hold open period that will allow people to move through the opening before the door begins the closing cycle.

Inside the auto door operator there can be an electric motor that opens the door and a hydraulic closer that will close the door. Other types have an electric motor that opens and closes the door. Speak with a sales representative to determine which option is best for your opening. There are even some auto door operators that use a pneumatic system to power the operator with air pressure to open the door.

Auto Opener

The main application for automatic door operators is for publicly accessible openings that require easy opening operation as well as securing closing functionality. Don’t forget the other hardware on the door and it will affect the opening and closing operation of the door.

If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Beacon Commercial Door & Lock. We can help you figure out the right setup for your building or space.