Schlage manufactures commercial locks and hardware. Their most popular locks in commercial buildings are their Grade 1, L-series mortise locks, the Grade 1, ND-series cylindrical locks, and the Grade 2, AL-series cylindrical locks. These come with many of the most common locking functions as well as several that are unique to Schlage. Beacon Commercial Door & Lock supplies and installs Schlage locks and hardware on commercial projects large and small.

Lever designs are important to not only the aesthetics but also the function of the locking hardware. Accessibility requirements restrict the design of the operating mechanism that can be used so that the levers that don’t require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting. Here are some of the most common lever designs available from Schlage.

Keep in mind that for the cylindrical locks, not all cylinder options are available for every lever design.


Schlage L-Series Mortise Lever Designs

The Schlage L series Grade 1 mortise lock levers pictured below are shown with the sectional rose trim option. L-series mortise locks are also available with escutcheon trim plates. These levers below are the most common specified for the mortise locks and are similar to those supplied by other manufacturers.

There are also decorative lever designs as well as custom options if required and if available from the factory. See some of these designs below.

Below is a chart from Schlage that shows the hardware finish available for many of these levers.

Schlage ND-Series Lever Designs

Schlage ND Series Grade 1 cylindrical locks are available with the levers below. The rose trim (the round piece of metal that is installed flush on the face of the door) is the same for all of these levers except for the Omega lever which has a small variation in the raised portion of the rose.

Below is a chart from Schlage that shows the availability of these levers in various finishes.

Schlage AL-Series Lever Designs

Schlage AL series Grade 2 cylindrical locks have a more limited selection of lever designs. They are pictured below. The rose trim is the same for these levers except for the Omega lever.

Below is a chart from Schlage that shows the availability of these levers in certain finishes.