Schlage is a manufacturer of the highest quality commercial door locks and security hardware in the door industry. Schlage offers cylindrical door locks, deadbolts, and mortise door locks as well as cylinders and keys. Electronic locks and other access control devices are also available from Schlage.

Schlage has been recognized as a power house in the door industry for decades and they continue to innovate ways to keep buildings secure while providing life safety and functionality. Beacon Commercial Door & Lock distributes many of these products and can assist you in finding durable solutions to your door locking needs.

In this blog post we’ll take a look at some of the most common Schlage door locks available.

Schlage AL-Series Cylindrical Door Locks

The Schlage AL-Series cylindrical door locks are a grade 2 lock that exceeds 400,000 ANSI cycles. AL-series locks can be used at interior and exterior openings on doors that are in medium traffic areas. It has a limited number of finishes and lever styles available and meets the basic needs for functionality options.

  • AL10S – Passage Function with Spring Latch
  • AL40S – Privacy Function with Spring Latch
  • AL53PD – Entrance Lock Function with Deadlatch
  • AL70PD – Classroom Lock Function with Deadlatch
  • AL80PD – Storeroom Lock Function with Deadlatch

Schlage ND-Series Cylindrical Door Locks

Schlage ND-Series cylindrical door locks are the toughest grade 1 door lock available in the industry. The ND-series locks exceed 1,000,000 ANSI cycles and are meant for use on doors with heavy-duty, high traffic areas. With the wide range of functions, finishes, and lever styles available on the ND-series you can be sure you’ll get the look and operation required at each opening in a building, inside and out.Schlage ND Locks

  • ND10S – Passage Function with Spring Latch
  • ND40S – Privacy Function with Spring Latch
  • ND53PD – Entrance Lock Function with Deadlatch
  • ND70PD – Classroom Lock Function with Deadlatch
  • ND80PD – Storeroom Lock Function with Deadlatch

Schlage L-Series Mortise Door Locks

L-Series mortise door locks are made to slip into a pocket cut out of the edge of the door. The lock body is built with durable materials and allows for latching and deadbolts to be housed in the same lock. Schlage L-series locks are available with 49 functions, 13 finishes, and 32 lever styles meaning you’ll get attractive locks that meet the needs of almost every opening function you can think of. Special indicator trim can also be added for certain functions such as privacy locks on bathrooms. Mortise locks are built for heavy abuse while operating smoothly. The Schlage L-series mortise locks are grade 1 and exceed 1,000,000 ANSI cycles.Door Lock Mortise Lock

  • L9010 – Passage Latch
  • L9040 – Privacy Lock
  • L9050 – Office Lock
  • L9453 – Office Lock with Deadbolt
  • L9070 – Classroom Lock
  • L9080 – Storeroom Lock
  • L9480 – Storeroom Lock with Deadbolt

Schlage B-Series Deadbolts

B-series deadbolts from Schlage are available in grade 1 and grade 2 options. Schlage deadbolts provide an added level of security with several functions and finishes available. B-series deadbolts are useful for exterior doors or common areas such as on pool gates or for storage spaces that need to restrict unauthorized access.Deadbolt with Thumbturn

  • B560P – Single cylinder Deadbolt
  • B562P – Double cylinder Deadbolt
  • B563P – Classroom Deadbolt
  • B571 – Thumbturn with Indicator