The New Year has begun and you have many things you want to accomplish this year. New goals mean new ways of doing things or finding a new purpose for doing them. One of those goals may include fixing those commercial doors in your building that have been causing headaches for you or the people in your building.

Why should you bother fixing those doors? There may be any number of issues your doors are having like doors that don’t latch, doors that don’t open correctly, doors that are damaged or rusting, and doors that have missing or improper hardware. Here are a couple things you should consider as reasons you might want to fix those doors this year.

Life Safety

Number 1 on your list of reasons to fix or replace doors and hardware should be a concern for life safety. Your motivation to protect the people in your building or space should cause you to check the current performance of doors and hardware you have installed. If there is a fire or some other emergency, you want people to know how to get to a safe place and to get there without any problems.

Stairwell fire door

If a door has the wrong hardware on it or if the hardware is not functioning properly, people’s lives may be at stake. Do not wait until the emergency happens before having your doors checked and fixed if needed.


The assets in your building are valuable to you. We already know that that includes the lives of those inside, but it may also include products, furnishings, technology, and other material or places you want protected. Doors and hardware can keep those items secure and only allow authorized personal to access them. Do the doors and hardware currently installed provide you peace of mind? Or are there vulnerable points of access that you want to upgrade or fix?

If there have been issues in the past where assets have gone missing or unauthorized access has been permitted, it may be time to revisit those places of access and improve the security at those doors.


Certain areas will require accessibility for public use. Standards are in place that provide direction on how to allow accessibility to everyone. These things include hardware that is operable without the use of tight grasping or twisting, openings that are wide and tall enough to allow for wheelchairs, and restrictions on the force required to push or pull a door open.

Automatic Door Opener

Are there openings that unnecessarily restrict access to the general public due to hardware that is too hard to use? Could someone with a disability properly enter your building and get to where they need to go? Think about these concerns the next time you are entering your building or space through the doors you currently have installed.


These are only a few reasons to begin the new year by fixing those doors. Don’t second guess the safety, security, and accessibility of your doors and hardware. Emergencies never occur when it is convenient and people should not get frustrated with performing the simple task of using a door. Beacon Commercial Door and Lock is ready to assist you in the new year to accomplish the goal of fixing your commercial doors.

Happy New Year!