LCN is a manufacturer of the highest quality commercial door closers. As a distributor of LCN closers, Beacon Commercial Door & Lock can help you find the right LCN closer to meet the needs of your project. LCN door closers offer exceptional value and quality at every opening. They provide numerous door control solutions to meet the needs of fire ratings, accessibility, as well as overall door control and opening security. In this blog post we will look at some of the most common LCN closer series options available.

Door Rails Closer

LCN 4000 Series Door Closers

Door closers can be installed on openings that are high traffic and take a lot of abuse. On doors such as these, the LCN 4000 series line of commercial door closers is the best in the market for Grade 1 heavy duty closers. Within the LCN 4000 series line of door closers are options to install the closer in various configurations including parallel arm, regular arm, track, and top jamb applications. Many arm controls can be specified as well including hold open and built in stop options such as the CUSH and SCUSH arms.

Most of the 4000 series door closers can have either plastic covers or metal covers and come in the most common finishes. LCN can also provide custom colors to match your project design palette.

Here are a few highlights of the 4000 series line of door closers:

LCN 4040XP door closer – By far the most versatile and durable door closer in the 4000 series line. The 4040XP can be installed with both regular and parallel arm options. It is meant for high demanding applications.

LCN 4010 door closer – This door closer is shipped with a regular arm for pull side installation. It is a rugged high traffic closer option.

LCN 4110 door closer – The 4110 door closer is used with parallel arms and installed on the push side of openings.


LCN 4050 door closer – This commercial door closer is made with an aluminum body instead of cast iron and has many of the same applications as the 4040XP closer.


LCN 1000 Series Series Door Closers

LCN offers door closers with a slim design and which are meant for moderate to light traffic applications in the 1000 series line. Many of the same arm control options can be found in the 1000 series line of commercial door closers as in the 4000 series. The 1000 series door closers are supplied without a cover but can be ordered with optional plastic or metals covers, depending on the model. The same finish options are available as well.

LCN 1460 door closer – Versatility and and multiple cover options make this door closer a popular choice. The 1460 is a Grade 1 closer with many of the arm controls available to meet the needs of any opening.


LCN 1260 door closer – This door closer has a much smaller body and is used on light to medium duty applications. Many of the common arm options are available.

1260 Closer

LCN 1450 door closer – Similar to the 1460 in options, the 1450 door closer has an aluminum closer body in lieu of cast iron.


LCN Automatic Operators

LCN provides automatic operators that can be electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical and even pneumatic, depending on the application. Ranging from single door to simultaneous double door openings and even double egress, LCN has a full line of auto operators that can be used in almost any scenario. LCN also offers actuators and other system controls to provide a complete solution for each opening.

Actuator Button

LCN 4600 Series – 4600 series auto operators are electro-hydraulic and are available for the push and pull side installation. Buttons on the side of the body can be visible or concealed as needed.


LCN 9500 Series – The 9500 senior swing series auto operators are electro-mechanical and are the work horse of the LCN auto operators. These are meant to be used as automatic doors due to their mechanical motor and a full range of control options.