Hollow metal frames are sometimes specified to have “hospital stops” which are also called “sanitary stops” or “terminated stops”. On a typical hollow metal frame, whether it is a single rabbet or double rabbet frame profile, the soffit (sometimes referred to as the “stop“) will run all the way to the floor. However, dust and dirt can collect in the corners of the soffit on the floor and it can be difficult to clean.

Purpose of Hospital Stops

In health care or other clean environments it is undesirable to have dirt and germs collect around the floor. To prevent this at door frames, architects can specify hollow metal frames with “hospital stops”. When this is specified, the hollow metal frames will be fabricated so that the soffit (or “stop”) will not run all the way to the floor.

This “terminated stop” will prevent dust from building up on the floor around the stops like it can on normal frames. The soffit can be terminated anywhere from 4″ above the floor up to 6″ above the floor. The stop can also be terminated at a 90 degree angle or a 45 degree angle. The angle of the termination does not make a difference besides aesthetics.

These frames can still be fire rated, although there are some limitations.

It is advised that you contact the frame manufacturer to ensure proper application. Beacon Commercial Door & Lock can provide you answers and direction as needed.