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Gasketing and Weatherstrip

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Types of Gasketing

Perimeter seals can be made of silicone, sponge silicone, vinyl, neoprene and brush. They are often surface mounted with fasteners or can be applied using adhesives. Some seals are adjustable allowing for additional adjustment after installation.

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Gasketing Material

Gasketing Materials

Silicone is resistant to cleaning fluids and solvents. It stays flexible in a wide range of temperatures.
Sponge Silicone has similar properties to silicone and is highly resistant to mold and bacteria, which makes this product excellent for use on clean rooms.
Vinyl is popular due to lower cost.
Neoprene has good tensile strength which means it compresses easily and it can withstand moderately extreme temperatures.
Brush provides very little resistance to door closing. Brush provides a seal for hot and cold weather, while also providing an insect barrier.

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There are two types of astragals: overlapping and meeting stile. On a double door application, an overlapping astragal is attached to one door and overlaps the other door sealing the gap between them when they are closed. A meeting stile astragal has two pieces, one piece attached to the edge of each door, which “meet” together sealing the gap between the doors when closed.


Thresholds are used to help close the gap between the bottom of the door and the finished floor. Saddle thresholds are the most common type of threshold but there are also thermal barrier thresholds, carpet dividers, interlocking and panic type. The undercut on a door is an important consideration when determining the type of threshold wanted.

Aluminum thresholds are the most common option. Brass and bronze thresholds are more expensive but last longer and the finish does not wear off.

Door Thresholds


We supply these and other respected industry brands.

Door Thresholds
Door Thresholds
Door Thresholds
Door Thresholds

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