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Panic Devices vs. Fire Exit Devices

Exit devices are categorized as panic hardware or fire exit hardware. The purpose of either type of exit device is to secure an opening and at the same time provide immediate egress in the case of emergency.

Fire exit hardware has a fire label attached indicating it is acceptable on fire rated openings.

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Fire Exit Hardware

Exit Device Types

Exit devices can come in the form of a touch bar, crossbar, or as an integral part of the face of the door.
A crossbar is suspended between the hinge and lock cases of the device.
A touch bar projects out of the body of the exit device. This is the most popular device.
An integral device is recessed into the door and meant to project minimally from the face of the door.

Door Exit Devices

Exit Device Functions

Exit Only: Blank outside trim
Dummy Trim: Rigid dummy trim
Night Latch: Operated by key only
Classroom: Locked and unlocked by key

There are also options for dogging the device, adding alarms, delayed egress, visual indicators, and even electric latch retraction.
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Exit Device Trim and Latch Options

There are many lever styles and finishes available, as well as various locking functions depending on the type of device you want. Latching options are also flexible whether you need a Rim device, Mortise device, Vertical Rods, or even Three-point latching.

exit device trim

Exit Device Dogging

Dogging and exit device means holding the latch retracted for push/pull operation. This is typically used in high traffic areas such as entry doors allowing easier flow of people through the door.

Dogging can be accomplished mechanically with a hex key or cylinder located somewhere on the body of the device.

Electrified exit devices can be equipped with electric dogging which holds the latch retracted as programmed by the access control system.

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exit device dogging indicator


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exit device dogging indicator
exit device dogging indicator
exit device dogging indicator
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exit device dogging indicator

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