Exit devices come in many different shapes and types. Exit device trim on the outside of the door is just as important to consider as the type of panic bar that is used on the inside. In this brief article we will discuss some of the basic functions available for the exit device trim.

Exit Device Crash Bar

Exit Device Trim

When an exit device is specified as exit only then you generally don’t have any trim to worry about on the outside. These are a couple basic functions of trim that you should be aware of:

  1. Standard Lever – Key locks and unlocks trim
  2. Night Latch Lever – Key retracts latchbolt but does not unlock
  3. Blank Escutcheon Lever – Always unlocked and operable (no cylinder)
  4. Dummy Trim Lever – Lever does not operate latchbolt and there is no cylinder, used as pull when device is dogged

There are variations of each type of trim and function and some codes may restrict the type of trim you can use. Depending on where the doors are located you might use certain exit device trim styles more than others.

Exit Device with Keycard Trim

Some brands, like Von Duprin exit devices, will have electrified options for the trim. This allows the device to be tied into a credential reader and the trim will be controlled by the access control system. Other electric options can be used as well such as electric latch retraction and exit alarms.

Exit Device Dogging

Dogging is an important thing to consider when selecting a trim. Dogging is a function of the exit device on the inside of the door. Dogging is when the latch of the device is mechanically held retracted by locking the panic device in the depressed position. The panic bar can be dogged by the use of a hex key or a by a cylinder using a thumb-turn or a cut key. Dogging can also be accomplished electrically using an access control system.

Mechanical dogging is not intended for use on fire rated devices as the latching mechanism must always be self-latching.

Exit Device with Cylinder Dogging

When the device is dogged the outside trim simply acts as a pull to open the door. The standard function of the trim is not operable until the dogging is released and the latch is returned to its usual operation.