Hollow Metal Frames

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Our team of experts, along with our state-of-the-art shop equipment, can provide you with custom frames to meet your project deadlines. Beacon is leading the way in this industry through our innovation and expertise.

Standard Hollow Metal Frames

Standard hollow metal frames are supplied factory primed for painting in the field.

Hollow metal frames can be either cold-rolled steel or A-60 galvannealed for corrosion resistance and are typically supplied in two thicknesses: 16-gauge or 14-gauge.

Metal frames come with 2 inch faces standard and can have an optional 4 inch head for masonry applications.

Hollow Metal Options

Knock-Down or Welded Frames?

Hollow metal frames can be shipped either knock-down or welded. Knock-down frames are sent as loose pieces and are set up in the field during installation. Welded frames are already welded together in our shop and are ready for installation upon delivery.

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KD and Welded frames

Custom Hollow Metal Frames

We are a unique distributor because we have an in-house hollow metal frame break press as well as a shop capable of customizing frames to your specifications.

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Replacing Existing Hollow Metal Frames

If existing frames are going to be replaced and existing doors are going to remain, you can begin the process by measuring the hinge and strike prep locations. Refer to these blog posts to get started on replacing existing frames.

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Hollow Metal Frame Anchors

Hollow metal frames will anchor to the walls they are installed in. The wall type and the wall thickness play a critical part in the type of frame you need.

Typical anchoring applications for new or existing walls include metal studs, wood studs, and masonry.

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Hollow Metal Frame Terminology

Jamb depth, throat, mullions, soffit, and rabbets can sound pretty strange to anyone unfamiliar with frames but they are important to the function of each frame.

Understanding the terms is vital to successfully specifying and supplying hollow metal frames.

Let us help clear up the confusion.

Hollow Metal Frame Brands

We supply these and other respected industry brands.

Other Frame Types We Supply

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