Door closers from Falcon meet ANSI grade 1 requirements and are available with the common arm functions and controls. Falcon also offers a line of cylindrical door locks, mortise locks, and exit devices. In this post we will focus on their door closer line.

There are three different door closer series that we will look at from Falcon. The door closer series numbers are SC60A, SC70A, SC80A. All three series are surface mounted with options for regular arm mounting and parallel arm mounting. They are also all approved for use on fire rated openings.

SC60A Door Closers

These door closers are meant for light and standard duty applications at interior locations. Typically the SC60A is ideal for aluminum storefront but can be used on any type of commercial door opening. This closer has the most common hole pattern used so it can be installed as a retrofit closer.

The SC60A is adjustable from sizes 1 to 5. It is non-handed for left or right handed openings. Arms available include regular arm, parallel arm, hold open, heavy-duty parallel arm, dead stop, and spring stop. These come standard without a cover but can be specified to have a slim plastic cover. They are offered in common painted finishes including Aluminum, Dark Bronze, Brass, and Matte Black.

SC70A Door Closers

This door closer series is a heavy duty closer built for high traffic, high abuse areas. This is the toughest door closer option. It can be used at interior and exterior openings for long lasting control.

SC70A closers are adjustable from size 1 to 6. It is also non-handed and easy to install. These door closers are also available in Aluminum, Dark Bronze, Brass, and Matte Black finishes. They come standard with a full size plastic cover. SC70A closers can be specified with typical arm controls including regular arm, parallel arm, hold open arm, dead stop arm, spring stop arm, and heavy duty parallel arms.

SC80A Door Closers

SC80A door closers are medium duty for interior and exterior openings. They have a cast aluminum closer body and come with a standard slim plastic cover or an option full size plastic cover. Closer arms include regular and parallel arm, hold open, dead stop and spring stop, and heavy duty parallel arm.

These closers are also size adjustable from 1 to 6. They can retrofit the hole pattern used on Norton 8000 closers. The SC80A is non-handed and available in the standard finishes Aluminum, Dark Bronze, Brass, and Matte Black.


Falcon offers a complete line of door closers for virtually any application. These closers are backed by a 10-year factory warranty. For a full door solution from Falcon you can include door locks, exit devices, auto operators, cylinders, and deadbolts. Contact Beacon Commercial Door & Lock for guidance on which options are right for your project.