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Commercial Wood Doors

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Common Wood Species We Offer

Other Species and Finishes Available. Contact Us For More Information.

Red Oak
White Oak
White Maple
Natural Birch
White Birch

Wood Veneer and Plastic Laminate Doors

Looking for a custom veneer or are you simply covering the basics? We offer custom veneer color matching as well as generic color options. Ask about our plastic laminate options from Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar and much more.

Quick Guide: Wood Doors >>

4 Wood Veneer Slicing Options >>

Wood Door Cores

Wood door cores play an important role in the function of any space. We supply a broad range of solutions to meet fire ratings, STC ratings, or even radiation shielding all without compromising aesthetics.

Standard Core Options:
• Particleboard
• Structural Composite Lumber
• Fire Rated Mineral Core
• Environmental

Learn more about core types >>

Stile and Rail Wood Doors

Stile and Rail wood doors come in all shapes and sizes. Custom paneling and full glass lites add unique character to any project. We’ve partnered with the best in the business to provide the look you want.

What Are Stiles and Rails

stile and rail wood doors

Installation Services

We offer our installation services for new construction as well as tenant improvement projects. Our pre-installation shop can prepare doors for quick field install before they get to the job site. This greatly reduces the time it takes to get doors swinging at each opening.

Wood Door Brands

We supply these and other respected Wood Door Brands.

Other Door Types We Supply

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