Impact Doors

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Benefits of Impact Doors

High traffic areas are ideal applications for traffic doors. If people are going through the opening in both directions many times a day, using a durable double swinging door can help the opening last longer. The double acting hinges and construction of the doors allow these doors to withstand immense abuse. Not only do they hold up against wear and tear, but they can also provide a nice finished appearance to a space.

Also called traffic doors or double acting doors, these rugged doors offer a high quality appearance and long-lasting durability. We offer a range of impact doors for all kinds of applications such as in restaurants or retail.

Impact Door Options

Impact doors can be supplied with solid wood cores and durable plastic laminate faces, can be constructed from aluminum or stainless steel, and can even have insulated cores. A variety of options can also be specified including custom vision lite sizes, bumpers, kickplates, and much more.

Chase Stainless Steel Traffic Doors

Impact Door Brands

We offer these and other respected industry brands.

Chase Stainless Steel Traffic Doors
Chase Stainless Steel Traffic Doors

Other Door Types We Supply

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