Hollow Metal Doors

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Standard Hollow Metal Door Options

Typically supplied in 16-gauge or 18-gauge steel, hollow metal doors can be made of either cold-rolled steel or A-60 galvannealed for added corrosion resistance.

Edge seams are interlocked with the option to have a filled seam for aesthetics. Core options include honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane, steel stiffened and mineral cores.

Additional components to consider for the complete opening are the frames and hardware.

Hollow Metal Door Options

Design Flexibility

Each detail of the door can be designed to meet the requirements of your project. Paneled doors, lite cut outs, louvers, and even a faux wood grain appearance can be supplied. There are also door cores available to meet STC ratings, temperature rise, and even lead-lined requirements.

Hollow Metal door elevations

Function and Durability

Commercial hollow metal doors provide safety and security to your building at every opening. Openings subjected to high abuse or frequent usage are ideal hollow metal door applications. Our hollow metal doors have been proven to meet SDI and ANSI certifications for operation and physical endurance.

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hollow metal doors

Replacing Existing Doors

If existing doors are going to be replaced and existing frames are going to remain, you can begin the process by measuring the hinge and strike prep locations. Refer to these blog posts to get started on replacing existing doors.

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Hollow Metal Door Brands

We supply these and other respected industry brands.

Other Door Types We Supply

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