As Thanksgiving approaches, all of us here at Beacon Commercial Door & Lock wish to express our gratitude for all of the wonderful customers and contractors we have worked with over the years. You are the ones who keep us in business and we are proud to serve you as Utah’s premier door and hardware supplier. May we all remember things for which we are grateful during this season.

We also want to share some important door hardware that we are most thankful for and that you may want to recognize the next time you walk through a door so you too can say, “Thank you door hardware.” Door hardware does a lot that we take for granted. Door hardware provides life safety and accessibility for the public as well as security and control for businesses and establishments across the country.

Door Closers

Commercial door closers often go unnoticed for the work they do in controlling an opening. Most people walk through a door and once their hand comes off the door handle, the door hardware is the last thing on their minds. But the reality is that most of those doors have door closers installed right above their heads.

Stairwell fire door

That door closer prevents the door from flying open and potentially damaging the wall or furniture behind the door. That same door closer also prevents the door from slamming shut or from injuring the person passing through the opening. Other controls can be added to the closer arm such as a hold open function or an integral overhead stop. Because of the work the door closer does a person doesn’t have to even think about what to do after opening the door. Thank you door closers!


Cylinders are tiny pieces of door hardware that affect door security in a big way and can seem quite complex. Cylinders are the part of locking hardware that receives the key and engages the locking mechanism which locks, unlocks, and/or operates the hardware. If the cylinder is not combinated correctly (does not have pins or a secure combination) then the security of the opening could be compromised.

Cylinders can have one of over 750,000 possible pinning combinations!

Cylinders come in varying shapes and different levels of security. Most people who have the keys only know that they have a key that locks or unlocks the door. What they don’t know is that the cylinders operated by their keys may have master pins, check pins, or even an additional sidebar that provides a higher level of security and more pick resistance. Security of a door can begin and end with the cylinder. Thank you cylinders!

Exit Devices

Exit devices are easy to use for anyone. The basic idea is that in one motion a person can push against the exit device with any part of their body and open the door. In an emergency situation, exit devices allow the efficient egress of one person or hundreds of people who are escaping to safety.

Touch Bar Exit Device

Touch Bar Device

Exit devices are so common that people hardly even notice them when using them. Because people will not be thinking clearly in an emergency, having a simple operation that requires no special knowledge will be critical to life safety. Thank you exit devices!