Installing door hardware is time consuming and complicated. Not to mention, door hardware comes in boxes of all shapes and sizes that can get unorganized on the job site resulting in lost hardware. Coordination can also be a headache because doors are often installed nearer to the end of the project when the schedule is compressed to meet deadlines.

The typical installation process for door hardware on a project can go something like this:

First, all of the doors are delivered to the job site and must be stored somewhere. These doors might be left in a storage room for weeks before they are actually needed. Not only that, but the doors can be unintentionally damaged or misplaced while still in storage. Finish hardware will also need a place to be stored and it may or may not be put in the same storage location as the doors.

Next, the time comes to install the doors in the openings. Doors must be taken from storage and placed near their intended openings. Then, the door hardware must be moved to the opening. Depending on what hardware is scheduled to be installed on each door, there can be multiple boxes and packages of hardware that has to be transported throughout the building to the doors.

This hardware may not all get installed on the door at once. The hinges will be installed first so that the door is swinging in the opening. Then a lockset or panic device might be installed. Adjustments will be required after the locks are installed to ensure proper latching. Then closers and kickplates as well as door stops and other accessories are installed. After the door hardware is installed, you may still have workers on site who are walking through the doorways, opening and closing those doors and using that hardware. All this usage may require follow up work to make adjustments, repairs, or replacements.

Lock Strike Installation

Finally, a review of each opening will occur where shortages or other issues may be discovered. This whole process of installing the hardware can take weeks or even months to complete due to all of the parts and pieces that must be coordinated to get it done right!

Pre-Installation: A Better Way To Install Door Hardware

The old way of installing door hardware is inefficient and prone to mistakes. Beacon Commercial Door & Lock is leading the way in our market by innovating the way doors and hardware are supplied. Our pre-installation shop can install hardware on doors before they get to the job site.

Pre-installation shop

Pre-Installation includes the installation of hinges, locksets, exit devices, closers, kick plates, and more before it ever reaches the project. The typical door will be delivered as a finished product that can be swung in the opening with only a few screws. Doors can be delivered and installed all in the same day!

All of the logistics involved with install on-site is simplified and smoother when using pre-install. Hardware that used to get lost or installed on the wrong door now comes on the door from Beacon making it easier to get the right material in the right place right from the beginning.

The correct fasteners will be used, the correct templates and tools will be used, and the mistakes will be greatly reduced.

All of the empty left over hardware boxes are disposed of in our shop so they don’t ever clutter up the project.

What used to take hours to complete at each individual door opening can now take just a few minutes. This means doors are installed quickly, correctly, and with minimal effort. Definitely a Win-Win scenario!

How Do I Request Pre-Installed Hardware?

Requesting pre-installed door hardware is as simple as asking for a price from one of our Estimators or Salesmen for the door hardware to be pre-installed on the new doors you want supplied. More and more contractors are recognizing the benefit of door hardware pre-installation.

Whether Beacon Commercial Door & Lock is completing the installation on the job site or if it will be completed by someone else, Beacon can provide the door hardware pre-installed. This means that whoever finishes the work on site will have the doors delivered with hardware already on the doors. The few items that cannot be pre-installed on the doors will come with the doors when they are delivered so that you have everything you need to complete the install.

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