Door handling tools are available for purchase to assist you in transporting and distributing doors throughout your project. We offer door totes and door lifters made by Major Manufacturing, Inc. Save time and save your back! Additional tools are available if needed such as templates for prepping doors and installing hardware as well as drill bits and other accessories.

The product information used below is from the Major Manufacturing, Inc. website.

Door Lifter DL-150

“Removing a door from its frame has never been easier when using our new door lifter!

In just a few easy steps, the door is lifted and swiveled out of the way on a ball-bearing base.

Say goodbye to the days of using crossed chisels, screwdrivers, or anything else that wasn’t designed specifically for this sort of task. the DL-150 has a textured foot pedal to prevent slipping and a cushioned base to protect the floor surface.

American-made, the DL-150 is built to last!”

Door Tote DT-200

“Door tote will accommodate doors up to 1-3/4″.

Equipped with pneumatic wheels for easy mobility and carpet lined to protect the door surface.

Small but mighty, will easily store in a service vehicle.”

Door Tote DT-100

“Save time, money, and accidents by moving doors with the use of our door tote.

The DT-100 Door Tote will accommodate doors up to 1 3/4″.

May also be used for horizontal door stand. Equipped with pneumatic wheels for easy mobility. Unit is carpet lined to protect door and the handle dis-assemblies into three pieces for easy storage and transportation.”


If you are interested in these tools or would like to know more about additional accessories available please do not hesitate to contact a sales rep at 801-486-4884, or send us an email.