Division 8 in construction covers doors and windows in a project. Doors provide access, security, control, and safety to the occupants of a building. Windows can provide added light to a building as well as provide security and visibility. Doors and windows add an aesthetically pleasing architectural finish, a life safety function, and protect the assets held inside of a building or inside of a particular room.Door Security Keycard

While the protection of lives and assets is an important thing to consider when designing the doors and windows needed in a building, there should also be a focus on the accessibility of the doors and associated hardware installed.

Accessibility has to do with the usage and functionality of doors and how they will allow someone who is handicapped or disabled be able to use the doors for their intended purpose. If a publicly used door does not meet accessibility requirements (also known as ADA) then the door will need to be redesigned in accordance with these standards. It makes sense to have doors and hardware in a building provide access and safety for everyone who may need to use them.

Doors are one of the most, if not the most used material in a building. Therefore it is important to have division 8 materials furnished and installed correctly. That’s where Beacon comes in.

How Beacon Commercial Door & Lock Works

Our friendly sales team will assist you in providing free estimates, large or small, to supply new doors, frames, and hardware in addition to troubleshooting issues you might be experiencing with existing doors and hardware. We can also add access control to new or existing openings and provide the support you need to monitor and secure your building or space.

Our contract department provides bids for contractors for division 8 in almost every industry and business sector. Project managers work with general contractors to supply and manage their doors, frames, and hardware. We deliver material directly to the job site. Our installation services bring additional value to the work we do. More and more contractors are finding Beacon’s innovative pre-installation services a highly valuable part of working with us. Our in-house shop also allows us to cut down on lead times and do custom work that no one else in Utah can provide.

Division 8 can be a complicated and misunderstood part of a project. The skill and expertise required to understand the intricacies involved can be hard to find in today’s marketplace.

Beacon has been in business for over 50 years supplying the doors, frames, and hardware contractors want and need. We have the skills and expertise needed to provide valuable solutions for our clients and to continue innovating how we meet their demands. Even our blog is part of our effort to continue providing value to our customers.

Here is a small sample of what we can do: