Falcon is an Allegion brand that supplies many types of door hardware including door locks, exit devices, and door closers as well as cylinders and keys. Among Falcon’s many products are the Grade 1 T-series cylindrical locks and the Grade 2 B-series cylindrical locks (learn more about ANSI grades and standards). We will take a quick look at these products and what they offer.

Grade 1 Cylindrical Locks: Falcon T-Series

Falcon T-series cylindrical locks provide all the security and functionality that can be expected of a heavy-duty Grade 1 lock with many design and finish options to fit your project’s needs. The levers can take any manufacturer’s cylinder in the industry as well as accept small format interchangeable cores (SFIC) and full-size interchangeable cores (FSIC) from most manufacturers. (Learn more about cylinder terminology here)

The Falcon T-series locks are also fire rated up to 3 hours. They have many strike plate options and several latch options to choose from.

T-series also have the most common functions available such as passage, privacy, classroom, entrance, and storeroom. These locks are non-handed and can be reversed if needed.

Grade 2 Cylindrical Locks: Falcon B-Series

Falcon B-series cylindrical locks are perfect for areas where moderate usage occurs. They are fire rated up to 3 hours.

Standard finish options and a few lever styles are available as well as the most common lockset functions required.

The most common strike plates are available and the levers can be prepped for standard cylinders and can receive other manufacturer’s cores and can also accept SFIC.