Oct 20, 2017
Door Handing

Handing refers to the direction of the door swing as it is opened. The best way to begin determining the handing of an opening is to determine the "secure side" of the opening. In Division 8, we like to think of the "secure side" as the side where a key would be required to enter the room or space behind the door. Handing is frequently...

Oct 16, 2017
Closer types

Since the door closer was invented back in the late 1800's, a lot has changed. Door closers are available in many styles to suit the needs of commercial door openings. Closers are important to controlling an opening, not only for functionality but also for security. Types of Door Closers There are six common types of commercial door...

Oct 9, 2017
Deadbolt with Thumbturn

Deadbolts are a type of auxiliary locking hardware. They are also called deadlocks. Deadbolts can be used on openings that only have push/pull hardware or they can be added to openings that have other latching hardware. Note: if the latching hardware is panic hardware then you should not use deadbolts. Deadbolts are operated in several...

Oct 2, 2017
Stairwell fire door

Fire rated doors are meant to be used as a barrier to the spread of fire, smoke, and other toxic gases. In the event of a fire, fire rated openings need to perform correctly to ensure that building occupants can exit the building safely, protect certain areas against fire, and allow time for emergency personnel to respond. Different...

Sep 25, 2017
Office building

Flush bolts are installed into the lock stile on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors. There are often two bolts, one installed at the top and one at the bottom of the door. The strike of the top bolt will be in the head of the frame and the strike for the bottom bolt will be in the floor. Other door hardware used on the opening must be...

Sep 18, 2017
Electric Door Lock

Electric locks are used when additional security as well as added convenience are wanted at the opening. Electrified locks come in various types from bored locks, mortise locks, exit devices, and magnetic locks. Some locks have more options than others. Power supplies and electric power transfers will be needed for all of these locks to...

Sep 11, 2017
Automatic Door Opener

Automatic operators are mainly used at accessible openings where assistance in opening the door is needed. Auto operators are ideal for meeting the needs of accessible openings especially at exterior entrance doors. There are two main types of auto operators and they can come with many options to help control the opening. Two Types of...

Sep 5, 2017
Electric Strike On Classroom Door

Electric strikes are installed in place of the typical strike supplied with a lock or exit device. Electric strikes can be used with hollow metal frames as well as wood and aluminum frames. An access control system may be tied to the strike or the opening may be a stand alone system. A credential reader will be connected to control the...

Aug 28, 2017
Best SFIC Removable Cores

At first glance most cylinders can appear pretty similar. A small opening in the cylinder receives the key which, when turned, will lock or unlock a piece of hardware. Beyond that you may not recognize any real differences between two brands or even between two cylinder types. Much of it remains a mystery. Let's break down some of the...

Aug 21, 2017
Exit Device Trim

Exit devices come in many different shapes and types. Exit device trim on the outside of the door is just as important to consider as the type of panic bar that is used on the inside. In this brief article we will discuss some of the basic functions available for the exit device trim. Exit Device Trim When an exit device is...


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