As the New Year approaches we look back at our history and remember our legacy as a commercial door company.

Beacon Metals was founded in 1966 by John Riches. Just before the founding of Beacon Metals, John worked for Buehner block. Part of his role at Buehner block was working with window bucks and commercial metal doors. When the Buehner family decided to focus solely on their core business of bricks and blocks, John was offered the opportunity to purchase the window buck and commercial door division from the Buehner’s.

Beacon Metals was founded from that beginning as a commercial door company. The name Beacon Metals was chosen because, at the time, one of the founders lived on Beacon Street and they felt that the name Beacon would put them at a higher spot in the Phone Book (how times have changed!).

Old Building for Beacon Metals

Beacon Metals started with offerings in commercial aluminum doors and windows, commercial hollow metal doors and frames, as well as shower enclosures. Over the years Beacon Metals has grown to offer commercial wood doors and several different premium lines of commercial door hardware. Beacon Metals leased office and warehouse space in a few different buildings throughout South Salt Lake. Because of sustained growth, Beacon Metals purchased and built our current facility on West Temple in 1986.

Commercial Door Company

Beacon continues to grow and we look ahead to the innovative future before us. At the end of 2016, Beacon Metals went through some major changes and re-branded as Beacon Commercial Door & Lock. The company’s current facility was updated and improvements were made. As our commercial door company has grown, new staff has been brought on and a plan of progress and innovation has continued to be our vision.

Commercial Door Company

Beacon Commercial Door & Lock is still supplying the great commercial doors and hardware that we always have but we are doing it in ways we have never done it before. We have taken our 50+ years of experience and we are finding ways to improve our commercial door services and what we do for our customers.

As technology and machinery advances, even for a commercial door company like Beacon CDL, it means we have to adapt and utilize the tools available to us and work smarter than ever before. Beacon is leading the way (as we always do) by embracing the changes in our industry and by helping our customers know what that means for them.

Commercial Doors

Beacon Commercial Door & Lock supplies, installs, and services commercial doors throughout Utah and around the Nation. Commercial doors are a large industry and the importance of commercial doors should not be underestimated. Every building you see requires commercial doors and hardware to secure the building and protect the assets and people inside of them. Commercial doors are vital to the life safety of the building’s occupants.

A commercial door company like Beacon understands the importance of each and every function a commercial door provides. The expertise of our employees is unparalleled in the state of Utah. The ability to trust your commercial doors and hardware starts with the company that supplied and installed them. We know that commercial doors have to be installed and supplied correctly to ensure life safety, accessibility, and access control.

Commercial doors include: Wood, Hollow Metal, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, and Impact Doors

Beacon Commercial Door & Lock is committed to continue being the best commercial door company in Utah by innovating the way we provide services and material to our customers and continuously improving ourselves and our company. Our people are the secret to our success.