As we enter the new age of technology and witness futuristic dreams of the past becoming realities, it is not hard to notice that the next big thing in tech is automatic sliding doors such as those seen in the popular TV series Star Trek. It won’t be long until these automatic sliding doors are commonplace in public and at home.

The convenience of doors that automatically slide into a pocket in the wall is, without question, the best possible improvement to everday life that we need today. When reaching for a door handle, the thought of having to turn the door handle and push the door open seems so old school. You can tell your phone to dim the lights in your kitchen but you still have to throw a door open with brute force anywhere you go.

Does anyone not see the dark ages are still holding us back here?

Thinking about other simple, inconspicuous things that have taken leaps forward lately can help illustrate why the automatic sliding pocket door will soon be everywhere.

First, lets consider frozen meals as an example.

Second, phone books aren’t used that much anymore.

So, is it any wonder that Star Trek was foretelling a much closer future than we could have imagined?

Places you’ll soon find these digital age doors include:

– Porta potty units

– Banks

– Arcades

…and the list goes on and on.

For the doubters out there who imagine we aren’t presenting a balanced argument, here are the reasons why we may not see these doors actually installed in large numbers:




(Um… there aren’t any. Choke on that, Skywalker.)

In conclusion, here is a compiled list of reasons why these doors are useful:

– Everything

Happy April Fools Day!