Access Control Components

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Credential Readers

Keypads, card readers, and even bio-metric scanners help secure and control an opening. Each type comes with various options and levels of security. We can help you select the right credential reader and set up a manageable program that fits your needs. These can be installed on single openings as a stand-alone system or they can be tied into a system that connects your entire building.

Card Readers and Keypads

Actuators, Push Buttons and More

Actuators and push buttons come in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. Actuators for automatic openings can be as simple as push plates or as complex as motion sensors with safety monitors. Push buttons and key switches can be used to lock, unlock, and control many different parts of your opening. Cameras will monitor an area and provide real-time footage and playback for your review.

Learn more about electric hardware.

actuators and push buttons

Power Supplies and Controllers

Power supplies and logic boards are the back bone to an access control system. Power supplies may be a battery pack installed in the hardware itself or a connected unit that converts high voltage AC power into low voltage DC outputs. Add in the optional logic boards to control the functionality of the hardware tied into it and you have a controlled opening.

A power transfer will be needed for hardware that is wired through the door.

Electric Door Hardware Power Supply

Circuit Design

Hardware components for access control systems should follow the basics of electrical circuits. There should be a power source, a conductor, a switch, and a load. By using the basic circuit as a checklist, you can verify that you have enough equipment for a functional circuit.

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