Beacon Commercial Door & Lock continues to innovate the way we supply commercial doors and hardware for our customers.

Pre-installation is a service offered by Beacon Commercial Door & Lock as an innovative way to provide doors and hardware on a commercial project. We recently completed a project that showcases the quality and efficiency of Beacon’s unique pre-install service.

This project was located on the island of Hawaii. Beacon, as you know, is located in Utah. Delivering these doors to the job site, with the hardware fully pre-installed, across the country and then across the ocean was an awesome accomplishment that no other company has done before.

This is a defining moment in the door and hardware industry and Beacon is leading the way. More and more contractors and customers are recognizing the benefits of using this pre-installed service and Beacon is setting the standard for how it’s done.

Learn more about Beacon’s pre-install services and how they can help you get doors and hardware installed at a fraction of the time that the regular guys can do it, all while keeping your job site much cleaner and with a quality finish product on your doors and hardware.