Door locks can have over 50 locking functions available that meet any number of situations. There are 5 door lock functions that are essential and that you will see used on 99.999% of all projects.

Door Lock Functions

Depending on the type of door lock you are working with (i.e. cylindrical, mortise, or exit device), these functions may vary, but only slightly.

  1. Passage
  2. Privacy
  3. Entrance
  4. Classroom
  5. Storeroom

If you can remember these door lock functions then you will be able to determine which door lock functions should be specified on a majority of the doors in a building.

Passage Latch Function

The passage function is the most simple of the door locks we will discuss here. The latching mechanism can be retracted by both the inside and outside levers at all times. This door lock function is never locked and has no key or locking mechanism on either side of the door. It is often referred to as a passage latch instead of a lock.

Privacy Lock Function

Just as the name implies, this door lock function is for use on openings where privacy is a concern. The outside and inside levers will retract the latchbolt, unless the outside lever is locked by a button on the inside trim. An emergency key can be inserted in the outside trim which can also retract the latch bolt. The inside lever is always operable to retract the latch for egress.

Entrance Lock Function

Entrance locks have a key and are used at entrances to buildings or other spaces such as offices or conference rooms. Both the inside and outside trim will operate the latch unless the outside lever is locked by button on the inside. A key will operate the latch both when the outside lever is locked. The inside lever is always free for egress. The key can lock and unlock the outside lever.

Classroom Lock Function

A classroom lock function is obviously used most often on classroom doors. The outside lever is locked or unlocked with a key. There is no button on the inside like there is for the entrance lock function. The inside lever is always free to operate the latch bolt for egress.

Storeroom Lock Function

Now we arrive at the storeroom lock function, also referred to as the storage room function. This door lock function has an outside lever that is always rigid and cannot be unlocked. The latch is retracted by the inside lever or by the use of a key in the outside trim. The inside lever is always operable and free for egress.


Whether you are using cylindrical locks, mortise locks, or exit devices these functions are generally going to be available. These door locking functions will cover your bases in most buildings. Many other door lock functions are available, but these essential locking functions may be all that you need in your facility or space.