Feb 12, 2019

3 Types of Hollow Metal Door Edge Seam Options

Hollow metal doors have an edge seam on both sides of the door. This edge seam is visible and is caused by the fact that, when fabricating the doors, two sheets of metal are wrapped around the core material.

There are 3 types of edge seam options for hollow metal doors. We will briefly discuss these in this post.

Hollow Metal Doors with Visible Edge Seam

Visible Seam

In the case of Steelcraft hollow metal doors, these edge seams are interlocked creating a strong edge that holds together.

Interlocking Edge
Steelcraft Interlocking Edge

Some manufacturers have edge seams that simply meet together in the middle of the edge of the door.

Hollow Metal Doors with Seamless Edge

Seamless Edge

Technically, there are two types of seamless edge, but in this first option the edge seam is filled with an epoxy that is smoothed and allowed to dry which hardens for a strong seal.

When Steelcraft hollow metal doors have a filled edge seam it does not add much to the strength of the edge seam. This is because the interlocked edge seam already strengthens the edge. So a seamless edge is merely for aesthetics.

Other manufacturers will have an improved edge seam when it is filled with epoxy.

Hollow Metal Doors with Welded Edge

This is the second type of filled edge seam. In the case of welded edges, the manufacturer will spot weld the edge along the height of the edge every few inches. After welding, the seam is then cleaned up and filled with epoxy to finish it smooth.

Again, because of Steelcraft’s interlocking edges, there is no additional strength provided by welding the edge and filling with epoxy. It is an option, but it is not required for any sort of added durability.

Other manufacturers that have edges that just meet in the middle of the edge will be improved by adding a welded edge seam

Fiberglass door and Fiberglass frame at exterior


Based on these options, a Steelcraft hollow metal door has several edge seam options. The visible seam is the default option and the interlocking edge is a very durable construction. Other options add aesthetically appealing edges but do not add a significant amount of strength to the door edge.


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