May 28, 2019
Hollow Metal Frame Gage Post

What is the gage for hollow metal frames? The gage of metal is just referring to the thickness of the metal sheets used to fabricate the frame or door. Gage was a term used prior to 1970, but it is no longer used by ASTM or ANSI. Since the term is still commonly used in vocabulary today, it is often a common reference people use to...

May 14, 2019
Cover page bbq vendors

We want to thank our customers who were able to attend our annual customer appreciation barbecue! We also want to thank our sponsor vendors who supported this event. Our vendors included: DormaKaba, Allegion, Serenity Door Systems, Safebolt, and Masonite Doors. They provided wonderful training and excellent product demonstrations...

May 6, 2019
LCN Closers

Parallel arm closers are available with many control options. In this brief article we'll review what some of those arm options are and the benefits of each. Parallel door closers are different than "regular" arm closers because of the way they are mounted to the door and the way the arms are made. The main distinction between the two...


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