Sep 24, 2018
Strike Plate Lip

When a frame has decorative trim on the face of the strike jamb a strike plate may need to have the lip length adjusted. It is important to ensure the door lock latches properly and that it doesn't damage the decorative trim. To determine the strike lip length required to clear the trim, we can use this formula for extended lip...

Sep 17, 2018
Existing Frame with New Door

Below is a diagram showing the standard hinge and strike prep locations for several major manufacturers of hollow metal frames and doors. Use these prep locations to help you purchase new doors for existing frames or new frames to be used with existing doors. Beacon Commercial Door & Lock supplies Steelcraft frames for most...

Sep 10, 2018
LCN 1260 Closer

Most door closers come from the factory pre-adjusted to the most common settings, according to what was ordered. Once the closer is installed some additional adjustments may be required to function properly at the opening. In this post we'll look at some common adjustments that can be made on the door closer that will help ensure the door...

Sep 4, 2018
Hospital Latch 3

Hospital latches have a paddle that is installed on either side of the door that allows the push/pull function while still providing latching operation, unlike push and pull hardware that is only surface mounted and does not work the same with latching hardware. A hospital latch only requires a person to push or pull the door in the...


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