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Aug 27, 2018
Offset Door Pulls

When a door does not require latching hardware, push and pull plates are often used. Push and pull hardware can have many names like door trim, protective plates, or push/pull hardware. They facilitate the operation of the door by pushing or pulling the door as you enter or exit through the opening. These are popular in high traffic areas...

Aug 20, 2018
Wide Throw Hinge

Wide throw door hinges are used on openings where the door must swing up to 180 degrees without binding on protruding trim installed on the face of the frame or wall. Decorative trim around the opening can be very thick depending on the design. Standard hinge sizes may not be sufficient to swing the door wide enough to clear the...

Aug 13, 2018
Door hardware replacement example

When you're going to install a new door in an existing frame or if you're going to install a new frame and reuse an existing door, there are some important things to remember when you're getting ready to order. Width x Height The existing frame or door must be measured in width and height. The door thickness should also be measured....

Aug 6, 2018

Schlage is a manufacturer of the highest quality commercial door locks and security hardware in the door industry. Schlage offers cylindrical door locks, deadbolts, and mortise door locks as well as cylinders and keys. Electronic locks and other access control devices are also available from Schlage. Schlage has been recognized as a...


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