Jul 30, 2018
Keying Meeting

During a commercial construction project, finish door hardware is generally supplied nearer to the end of the scheduled work with the doors. The finish door hardware will usually include the locks which require cylinders and keys to operate. During construction there may be a need for what is called construction cores which are keyed...

Jul 23, 2018
Offset Pivot

Pivots are a type of hanging device for swinging commercial doors. They are most often used in sets or can be used with concealed closers. Pivots offer a couple of benefits not available with conventional hinges or continuous hinges. They can carry a lot more weight than other door hinges and they offer a clean finished...

Jul 16, 2018
LCN Closers

LCN is a manufacturer of the highest quality commercial door closers. As a distributor of LCN closers, Beacon Commercial Door & Lock can help you find the right LCN closer to meet the needs of your project. LCN door closers offer exceptional value and quality at every opening. They provide numerous door control solutions to meet the...

Jul 9, 2018
KD and Welded frames

Hollow metal frames can be supplied to the job site as "KD" frames or as welded frames. So, what's the difference? "KD" stands for knock-down, meaning the hollow metal frames are sent in separate pieces and must be assembled on site when they are installed. Welded hollow metal frames can be shipped direct from the factory as welded units,...

Jul 2, 2018
Rough Openings

Beacon Commercial Door & Lock generally supplies hollow metal frames from Steelcraft. Steelcraft is a brand of Allegion. According to Allegion, these are the rough openings for the various Steelcraft hollow metal frames. (Images used from Steelcraft Shop Manual) First determine your frame type (Steelcraft F-series frames are...


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