Jun 25, 2018
Overhead Door Stop

Overhead door stops are installed at the top of the door and an arm is attached to the frame. Overhead stops can be surface mounted to the face of the door or they can be concealed in the head of the door. The arm slides along a track or rod and when it comes to the end of the track it will stop against a bumper or spring built in the...

Jun 18, 2018
Full Size IC Core (FSIC) and Small Format IC Core (SFIC)

Interchangeable cores for locks were invented to allow for quick keying and re-keying of locks. There are two styles of interchangeable cores, the Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) and the Full Size Interchangeable Core (FSIC). Both are recognizable by their figure 8 shape. The SFIC cores are smaller than the FSIC cores.The...

Jun 11, 2018
rotary slicing

Wood veneers for commercial wood doors come in various cuts that provide different finished appearances. Some species of wood can be cut in certain ways for better results. This brief post will look at the 4 most common cutting options used for wood door veneers. These are the 4 cutting options: Plain Slicing Quarter Slicing ...

Jun 4, 2018
classroom door security

Life safety and security are important factors for any building or space. Classroom security in schools has been in the spotlight in recent years as we see tragic events taking place across the country that concern educators, parents, children, first responders, government leaders, as well as builders. The common goal we all have is to...


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