May 29, 2018
wood door core with lock

Wood door cores are central to the door's performance and durability. Each core type has benefits and specific applications where they are recommended or even required to be used. The core type can also greatly affect the cost of the wood doors on your project. We'll briefly cover each core type and talk about some of their...

May 21, 2018
4 common hollow metal frame profiles

Hollow metal frames are shaped from flat steel sheets of different thicknesses to form what is called a "profile". Depending on the manufacturer, there are many profiles that can be formed. For most openings, however, there are a set of common hollow metal frame profiles that can be used. What are they and what are their...

May 14, 2018
Door Closer Control Zones

Commercial door closers are used to control an opening when the door is being opened and while the door is closing. The different types of closers may have standard controls as well as optional ones that can be added at the factory. In this blog post we'll cover the 4 most common door closer control "zones" used in the swing of a door....

May 7, 2018
Pairs of Doors

Double doors are often used at front entrances to buildings as well as for storage closets, conference room entrances, and openings to other large spaces. Double doors include two door panels in the frame that may or may not be separated by a vertical mullion. Each door leaf may be equal in width (called an equal pair) or they may have...


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