Jan 29, 2018
Exit device into stairwell

Von Duprin is an Allegion company that manufactures exit devices of various kinds as well as electrical products. Von Duprin is known for bringing the first panic bar type device to the market in the early 1900's allowing for doors to be locked from the outside while allowing immediate egress from the inside. Von Duprin exit devices are...

Jan 22, 2018
Stanley QDC Closers

Door closers are available with 5 different surface mounting options. Each mounting option can be used only when certain conditions are met at the opening. Not every door closer mounting option can be used on every opening. One of the main determining factors for mounting options is the type of closer arm that comes with the...

Jan 15, 2018
Fail Safe versus Fail Secure

Electric locks and electric strikes commonly require you to indicate if you want them to be Fail Safe (FSA) or Fail Secure (FSE). But what do these terms mean? We'll answer that question today and help you understand some of the benefits and drawbacks to both. Fail Safe VS Fail Secure You'll notice that both terms begin with the word...

Jan 8, 2018
Schlage Collage

Schlage manufactures commercial locks and hardware. Their most popular locks in commercial buildings are their Grade 1, L-series mortise locks, the Grade 1, ND-series cylindrical locks, and the Grade 2, AL-series cylindrical locks. These come with many of the most common locking functions as well as several that are unique to Schlage....

Jan 3, 2018
Hallway with doors

The New Year has begun and you have many things you want to accomplish this year. New goals mean new ways of doing things or finding a new purpose for doing them. One of those goals may include fixing those commercial doors in your building that have been causing headaches for you or the people in your building. Why should you bother...


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