Nov 27, 2017
Mortise Lock in Door

Mortise locks are installed into a rectangular pocket cut out of the edge of a door. The term mortise refers to a hole or recess cut that allows the lock to be inserted. Mortise lock bodies look much different than cylindrical locks and allow for more working mechanics inside. Mortise locks have more lever and trim styles than most...

Nov 20, 2017
Door hardware

As Thanksgiving approaches, all of us here at Beacon Commercial Door & Lock wish to express our gratitude for all of the wonderful customers and contractors we have worked with over the years. You are the ones who keep us in business and we are proud to serve you as Utah's premier door and hardware supplier. May we all remember things...

Nov 13, 2017
Exit Device Electrical Options

Exit devices can have several electrical options to aid the building security. Electrical options are available in most styles of exit device including Rim, Mortise, Surface Vertical Rods (SVR), and Concealed Vertical Rods (CVR). Electric Latch Retraction A motor or solenoid is built into the body of the exit device and hardwired...

Nov 6, 2017
measuring tools

Commercial door hardware comes in so many different designs and brands that knowing that you're going to get what you want can be difficult. However, there is a way to sort through all of the different nomenclature from the many different brands available. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Builders' Hardware...


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