Oct 30, 2017
Panic Hardware Exit Door

Halloween is only a day away and there are some spooky door and hardware combinations that you should be afraid of. Here are several hardware applications that you will definitely run away and hide from. If you see an opening with any of these conditions, then you'll want to make some adjustments or replace them immediately. Hardware For...

Oct 20, 2017
Door Handing

Handing refers to the direction of the door swing as it is opened. The best way to begin determining the handing of an opening is to determine the "secure side" of the opening. In Division 8, we like to think of the "secure side" as the side where a key would be required to enter the room or space behind the door. Handing is frequently...

Oct 16, 2017
Closer types

Since the door closer was invented back in the late 1800's, a lot has changed. Door closers are available in many styles to suit the needs of commercial door openings. Closers are important to controlling an opening, not only for functionality but also for security. Types of Door Closers There are six common types of commercial door...

Oct 9, 2017
Deadbolt with Thumbturn

Deadbolts are a type of auxiliary locking hardware. They are also called deadlocks. Deadbolts can be used on openings that only have push/pull hardware or they can be added to openings that have other latching hardware. Note: if the latching hardware is panic hardware then you should not use deadbolts. Deadbolts are operated in several...

Oct 2, 2017
Stairwell fire door

Fire rated doors are meant to be used as a barrier to the spread of fire, smoke, and other toxic gases. In the event of a fire, fire rated openings need to perform correctly to ensure that building occupants can exit the building safely, protect certain areas against fire, and allow time for emergency personnel to respond. Different...


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