Jun 28, 2017
Wood Doors

In this quick guide to wood doors we'll focus on some of the basics that can often be overlooked or missed on commercial projects but that should be addressed early in the project to avoid delays. A lot of specifications will be so generic that they miss the important pieces required for ordering the doors. Sometimes a "copy and paste"...

Jun 19, 2017
Detailed Hollow Metal Frame

Openings in commercial buildings that require heavy duty durability and security are where you will typically find hollow metal frames. Metal or wood doors are most commonly installed in hollow metal frames. The frames are considered "hollow" due to the open throat that allows the frame to anchor to the wall around it. Here we will...

Jun 12, 2017
Door Hardware

Our discussion on the door hardware basics concludes with this final article which will cover part 4: protecting the door. Protect The Door Hardware that will protect a door is crucial for the longevity and endurance of the door in the opening. Protecting the door can also protect the building and individuals going through that opening....

Jun 5, 2017
LCN Parallel Arm 4040XP Closer

So far you've learned about the first 2 door hardware basics that must be covered for a door to function properly: to hang the door and to secure the door. The next step in meeting the 4 basic needs of a door is to control the door. Control The Door Controlling the door mostly deals with what happens to the door after it has been...

Jun 2, 2017
Schlage ND Locks

We began this four part series briefly reviewing the 4 basic functions of door hardware: To hang the door To secure the door To control the door To protect the door We previously covered the first function that needs to be taken care of before anything else which is to hang the door. In this article we will cover the next...


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