May 30, 2017
Door Hardware

Door hardware serves 4 basic purposes or functions. The 4 basic door hardware functions are: To hang the door To secure the door To control the door To protect the door In this article we will cover the first basic purpose of hardware: hang the door. 1. Hang the door Doors will not be able to open and shut if they...

May 24, 2017

Division 8 in construction covers doors and windows in a project. Doors provide access, security, control, and safety to the occupants of a building. Windows can provide added light to a building as well as provide security and visibility. Doors and windows add an aesthetically pleasing architectural finish, a life safety function, and...

May 19, 2017
Door choices

Welcome to the Beacon Blog! Here we will post helpful information and answer questions from visitors. Division 8 doors, frames, and hardware can be a complicated subject. We hope to post things that will not only help our customers but anyone interested in the industry and what we do. Beacon Metals, now Beacon Commercial Door &...


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