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• Toilet Partitions & Accessories
• Access Control Systems
• Video Surveillance

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Project Portfolio

We have completed projects all over the state of Utah as well as projects all over the world. Here is a small sampling of the projects we have been involved with through supplying door materials and other services such as installation.

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Healthcare<span>University Hospital</span> Healthcare<span>Riverton Hospital</span> Healthcare<span>Treeo Center</span> Healthcare<span>Mountain Point Medical</span> Healthcare<span>Primary Children’s Outpatient ACI</span> Healthcare<span>The Children’s 
Government<span>Salt Lake 
Public Safety</span>
Religious<span>LDS Chapels</span> Religious<span>LDS Conference Center</span> Religious<span>Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple</span> Religious<span>MTC South Campus</span> Religious<span>LDS Church History Library</span> Religious<span>Nauvoo Temple</span>
Recreation<span>Hale Centre Theatre</span> Recreation<span>Salt Palace Convention Center</span> Recreation<span>US Ski</span> Recreation<span>BYU Athletic 
Office / Commercial
Office / Commercial<span>Chevron Salt Lake</span> Office / Commercial<span>Salt Palace Convention Center</span> Office / Commercial<span>City Creek Building</span> Office / Commercial<span>Novell</span> Office / Commercial<span>MTC South Campus</span> Office / Commercial<span>Cornerstone</span> Office / Commercial<span>Treeo Center</span> Office / Commercial<span>LDS Church History Library</span> Office / Commercial<span>Warnock 
Engineering</span> Office / Commercial<span>222 South Main</span>
Food Service
Food Service<span>Popeye’s in Ogden</span> Food Service<span>Black Bear Diner</span> Food Service<span>Taco Time</span>
Retail / Convenience
Retail / Convenience<span>City Creek Building</span> Retail / Convenience<span>US Ski</span> Retail / Convenience<span>Sportsman’s Warehouse</span> Retail / Convenience<span>Maverik</span>
Industrial<span>Chevron Salt Lake</span> Industrial<span>Warnock 

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