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Our knowledgeable installers are trained and qualified to troubleshoot and install commercial doors and hardware.

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Beacon CDL is innovating the way that doors and hardware are installed. Our installers can pre-install the hardware on the doors in our shop before anything is ever delivered to the job site, reducing clutter and storage space necessary on-site.

Once they are delivered to the project, the "pre-installed" doors simply have to be swung in the opening. A few minor adjustments may be needed and then the opening is completed. Time spent at the opening is greatly reduced.

Contractors are realizing the benefits of using Beacon's pre-install services.

Field Install

Depending on the circumstances on-site and communication from the general contractor, our installers can perform installation of doors and hardware at the job site. The doors and hardware are delivered to the job site and then each opening is installed per the door and hardware schedules.

Exterior doors are generally installed in the beginning stages of the project to provide security of the structure. It isn't until much later in the construction schedule that interior openings are installed.

Planning and Coordination

Communication is key to ensure a smooth installation. Ensuring that the openings are free from other trade work will help you meet your schedule and deadlines for functional doors. Accurate information and approved schedules for material are also necessary to get the job done right the first time.

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