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Types of Commercial Doors We Supply
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Door Package Deals

Complete door packages at special pricing that is available online only!

Door packages starting at

$375 +plus tax & shipping

Get it in 3-5 working days!

Includes door, frame, and hardware.

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Quality Commercial Doors

Beacon's guarantee is to provide high quality doors by partnering with the best in the industry. We'll provide the best door solutions to meet specifications for all kinds of openings:

• Exterior and Interior Openings
• Doors with Lites and Louvers
• ADA Compliance
• Fire Ratings
• Acoustical Ratings (STC)

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Quality Wood Doors

Pre-Installed Hardware = Less Installation Time

We offer our pre-installed services for retro-fit jobs or new construction. The time our installers are on-site and at the opening is reduced by 80% meaning your project moves faster and more efficiently. Door and hardware installation has never been easier.

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Commercial Door Options

Each commercial door type comes with a variety of design options and benefits. Our team will help you select the best doors for the best results.

Door Handing

Need to figure out the correct handing of your door? (See the image to the right for reference. You can also read this blog post about handing doors.)

First determine which side of the opening will take the key to get in.

Next, as you face this 'keyed' side of the opening, determine if the hinges are on the right stile of the door or on the left stile.

Finally, is the door being pushed open or pulled open?

When you have a pair of doors, the door with the key will be the 'Active' door and this door leaf will be used as the primary handing of the opening.

door handing chart

Commercial Door Brands

We supply these and other respected commercial door brands.

door handing chart
door handing chart
door handing chart
door handing chart
door handing chart
door handing chart
door handing chart
door handing chart

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